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At the law offices of Keithly & English, LLC, in Anthony, New Mexico, our lawyers each have more than 20 years of experience representing individuals and families in Texas and New Mexico. We are committed to finding the best solution for you. We can negotiate a settlement, mediate an agreement, or take your family law case to trial.

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Our Family Law Practice

Our attorneys work with men and women at all stages of a divorce, from the initial filing through trial and post-judgment requests for modification or enforcement. Our first step is always to learn about you. We take time to understand your unique circumstances, your needs and your objectives, so that we can provide the legal advice that is best for you.

If you are considering filing for divorce, or have just been served with a divorce suit, we will help you establish temporary orders for custody and visitation, child support and spousal support or alimony. As you move through the process, we will continually look for ways to protect your rights and promote your interests.

In addition to divorce, we handle family law matters outside of the marital dissolution process. Our family law practice includes matters involving:

  • Child custody and visitation. We will help you establish custody and parenting time arrangements that meet the needs of your children while protecting your opportunity to be a parent.
  • Child support. We make certain that support orders are in compliance with the Texas or New Mexico guidelines and that all income is properly considered.
  • Spousal support or alimony. We will help you determine whether alimony is appropriate and, if so, the amount and length of payments.
  • Adoption. Our attorneys will advocate for you in all adoption proceedings, including stepparent adoptions.
  • Paternity actions. We represent men and women in actions to determine fatherhood, whether for purposes of visitation or child support.
  • Prenuptial agreements. If you are planning on getting married and have assets that you want to protect in the event of a divorce, we can safeguard your interests with a prenuptial agreement.

We also handle matters involving children’s rights and juvenile law, as well as domestic violence. We can help you get a restraining order to protect the safety of you and your children.

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